Veiholmen is a small island and fishing village located in Smøla municipality in Møre og Romsdal county. The island is known for its beautiful location and its traditional fishing village environment. Veiholmen has a history dating back to the Middle Ages, and has traditionally been an important hub for the fishing industry in the region. The island is surrounded by beautiful coastal landscapes, with opportunities for fishing, boat trips and nature experiences.

Season: May - October

Duration: 1 - 2 days

Åpner kart over Veiholmen

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Silence far from the city sounds

Although Veiholmen is a small community, it has an active local community dedicated to maintaining its cultural heritage and strengthening the island's sustainable development. Tourism plays an important role in the economy of places like Veiholmen, as visitors contribute to local trade and employment. Yet the tranquillity is striking, a wonderful feeling everyone should savour.

Here's what to do at Veiholmen

Boat trip: When you're in a place far out in the ocean gap, you should definitely get out on the water. You can either hire a boat or take a guided boat trip with one of the local operators. But be respectful of the weather, the sea in this area is not the place to be in bad weather.

Hiking and nature walks: The village and surrounding area offer beautiful hiking trails and great nature to explore. Take a walk along the coast and enjoy the stunning views of the sea and the surrounding islands.

Photography: With its beautiful coastal landscape and charming fishing village, Veiholmen is a great place for photography. Bring your camera and capture the island's natural beauty and unique atmosphere. This is the place for great candid shots.

Discover this coastal culture from Trondheim

To Do Nordics has several ways to bake Veiholmen into a package. Either as part of a day trip or an overnight trip from Trondheim. Contact us for more details so that you can experience picturesque Veiholmen with us.

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