Julestemning i snødekt gate

Christmas markets in Norway are heart-balm

Hvis størrelsen ikke er viktigst og den gode stemningen betyr mest, er julemarkeder i Norge stedet å være. Snøtung dekor og dunkelt vinterlys setter en unik ramme du ikke finner mange andre steder i verden. Ta et avbrekk i en ellers travel førjulstid, og la deg forføre av norske tradisjoner med fjøsnisser, snø og lokale mattradisjoner.

The Christmas market in Trondheim

The Christmas market in Trondheim usually starts around the end of November/December. Dates for 2024 have not yet been announced, but we will post them as soon as we receive them. The market is held at Torvet, and the magnificent surroundings with Nidaros Cathedral right next to it, create a pleasant and beautiful atmosphere.

It normally lasts about two weeks, so there are plenty of opportunities to visit during these days. However, it may be worth booking early if you want a hotel during the Christmas market, as capacity may be under pressure.

Decorated stalls and tents light up the square in the winter darkness. Here you'll find friendly exhibitors, craft products and unique Christmas gifts. You can learn about the history behind the products and get to know the producers better. A separate local food tent has the most delicious edible Christmas gifts and locally produced ingredients for Christmas food, and in a separate street you will find the Christmas tree forest that smells deliciously of spruce bark. This is where many of Trondheim's residents find their Christmas tree.

In the middle of the Christmas market, a large Lavvo will be set up to welcome you into the warmth. This is the place for food, drink and good vibes. Bonfires burn all day and benches are covered with reindeer skins, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere where you can take a break from Christmas shopping.

Food is a central part of Norwegian Christmas, and in the lavvo you'll find a varied selection of good food and drink made from local produce.

Røros Christmas market

Røros is a magical experience in the run-up to Christmas. So magical, in fact, that Røros is the setting for one of the most popular films Norwegians watch at Christmas; Pippi's Christmas. But a more recent and popular series has also been filmed here. A large part of the Netflix series Home for Christmas is set in the streets of Røros. Pippis Jul fra 1969. Men også en nyere og populær serie er filmet her. En stor del av Netflix-serien Hjem Til Jul utspiller seg i gatene på Røros.

The Christmas market in Røros is short and intense, and will be held 5-8 December 2024. This is perhaps one of the most popular Christmas markets in the country in terms of population. It attracts visitors from near and far, and the small mountain town is buzzing with people these days. If you don't get into the Christmas spirit here, it you're pretty hard to charm.

This popularity leads to a very high demand for hotels and restaurants. If you want accommodation during this period, you must therefore book well in advance, often more than a year prior to the market. But the magic is in the city both before and after the market itself, and we highly recommend a visit outside the market as well.

Of course, To Do Nordics can help you put together a package of accommodation and activities for your group.

Welcome to the Christmas spirit in the centre of Norway.

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