Even before you arrive in Åndalsnes, wild nature sets the standard. Europe's highest vertical cliff has understandably been named Trollveggen, the Troll wall, and it's not the only natural formation with references to trolls. When you also can experience Norway's longest gondola ride here, you know you're surrounding yourself with some of the most spectacular scenery Norway has to offer.

Season: May - October

Duration: 2 days

Åpner kart

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Trollstigen and Romsdalen offer high mountains and deep valleys

Although the climate can be quite wet in summer, the temperatures in Åndalsnes are often more pleasant for its latitude. The town at the end of the Romsdalsfjord is an excellent starting point for wild nature experiences, but also offers activities that do not require a very high level of physical fitness.

What not to miss:

Trollstigen:Since it opened in 1936, the 11 hairpin bends have mesmerised visitors from far and wide. This iconic road is not only an engineering achievement, but also a breathtaking natural experience. Take in the stunning views from the top.

Romsdalsgondolen:At 1676 metres, this is Norway's longest gondola lift. It takes you 708 metres above sea level, and at the top you can enjoy a meal and the spectacular view. This is also a good starting point for hiking in the wild nature.

Kylling bru:This stone arch bridge is perhaps one of Norway's most famous bridges, which has also played a role in one of the Mission Impossible films. It's located at Kylling Farm in Verma, and if you're exploring the area on your own, make sure you set aside time to capture this mighty piece of engineering.

Åndalsnes from Trondheim in one package

To Do Nordics has several ways to bake Trollstigen and Åndalsnes into a package. Either as part of a round trip, or as an overnight trip from Trondheim. Contact us for more details so that you can experience spectacular Åndalsnes with us.

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