Hovedgata i Røros med folk, trehus og Røros Kirke i bekgrunnen.

Røros, a charming town that has been honoured to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a place where history and culture merge in a highly vibrant way. The city is recognised for its authentic preservation of wooden houses and unique hilltop architecture. Walk through the cobbled streets and discover the unique atmosphere that makes Røros a World Heritage Site.

The mining tradition

One of the most fascinating aspects of Røros is its rich mining tradition. The town was established in the 17th century due to rich deposits of copper, and mining became an important cornerstone of the community. Explore the old mining areas and get an insight into the lives of the miners who helped shape the region's history. If the opportunity arises, we recommend a trip with Røros Museum to the Olavsgruva mine, where you can experience a guided tour 50 metres down and 500 metres into the Miner's Hall. Read more about this unique experience here.

Røros and food traditions

Røros is also known for its unique food culture. If you find it on the menu, try local specialities such as cured meats and Skjørost, thick milk pudding or fantastic reindeer dishes - for which the area is so well known. The town has several good restaurants serving delicious dishes based on local produce. Try the authentic cuisine and experience how the food reflects the history, culture and climate of the area.

Vibrant markets

Twice a year, the town is transformed into an inferno of people, trade and traditions. Both take place at the time of year when Røros is at its most charming - the winter.

Christmas market at Røros

Few things put Røros in the spotlight more than the traditional Christmas market. Every year, the town is transformed into a winter paradise with snow-covered roofs, atmospheric Christmas lights, delicious aromas of traditional baked goods and a selection of crafts and food from local producers. Take part in the Christmas spirit by visiting the charming stalls, experiencing concerts and enjoying the authentic Christmas atmosphere that only Røros can offer.

Røros Market

Every year, on the last Tuesday in February, according to a royal decree from 1853, a market is to be organised in Røros that lasts until the following Friday. Today, this is experienced as a melting pot of impressions where the present and history complement each other. One moment you can be immersed in deep traditions, while the next you are overwhelmed by modern expressions. This is a market that suits all ages.

Røros is not just a destination, it's a journey through the history, culture and traditions of this unique community. Its UNESCO World Heritage status, mining tradition, local food traditions and fantastic markets make Røros a must-visit place in Norway. Take time to experience the charm of this historic town and be enchanted by all it has to offer.

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