Christmas at Hadeland Glassverk, Norway

Did you know that Norway have some of the bests christmas markets and themed events in the world?

This week we have picked out three events you should not miss while visiting Norway during Desember!

Christmas in Røros, Norway

«With its colorful wooden houses, white snow that settles up against the walls and a blue hour that enchants both young and old, the world heritage town of Røros forms the perfect setting for an outdoor Christmas market.» (-

The traditional Christmas market in Røros provides you with the perfect holiday spirit with peaceful christmas shopping both in- and outdoors, traditional food and bevreges, horse and sleigh rides, christmas caroling and other activites for young and old!

This years christmas marked is arranged from the 1st – 12th of Desember 2021

Christmas marked in Trondheim

«This year’s biggest pre-Christmas experience takes place in the square where Olav Tryggvason stands tall and the mighty Nidaros Cathedral towers majestically in the background – we are back on Torvet! Here the pulse is lowered while the joy of Christmas is awakened. Be impressed by delicious flavors from short-distance food, discover quality craftsmanship, dream away with beautiful music experiences and spend valuable time with your near and dear ones.» (

The Christmas market in Trondheim has been awarded «Best Christmas marked in Europe» and this year is the nineteenth in a row.

The town square is filled with lavvos and you can smell the fire from the Cafe lavvo and the hot mulled wine.

Trøndelag is a traditional and awarded muncipality for food enthusiasts and at the Christmas market you can find everything your stomach want and desire! You get to have a chat with the manufacturer yourself at the farmers market and hear the story behind the products.

You can get all your christmas shopping done in the Christmas-decorated stalls and tents in small, pleasant Christmas streets surrounded in the smell of fresh roasted almonds.

If this does not get you in a real Christmas mood, nothing will!

Hadeland glassverk

At our famous Hadeland Glassverk, you will surely get in the christmas mood. Hadeland holds the largest indoor Christmas market in Norway in addition to the shops already at site witch helds Norways most beautiful collections of glass art.

Here you can also Blow your own Christmas ball and join a sleigh ride through the Christmas-decorated glassworks village. With the cosy restaurants and christmas activities the hours will just fly by like norhing!

If you want to know more about spending the Christmas, or have a December holiday in Norway, please feel free to contact us!