Aurora Borealis
Nothern Lights on Svalbard. Photo: Hilde Falun Strøm

The dark season in Svalbard is called “Polar Night”, and is truly a magical time to visit. During Polar nights the sun is below the horizon and it’s pitch-dark 24/7. By the time we reach late October Svalbard is already dark early in the evenings and there is less and less daylight as each day passes. This is the most perfect time to visit for an amazing experience of the Northern Lights witch, together with the moon and stars, is the only source of light outside the settlements. The unique thing about Svalbard in the winter is that you can experience the Northern Lights around the clock if the conditions are right.

The weeks before and after the Polar Night, are also very special. In theese weeks the sun moves just above the horizon (down 6 degrees) and back up again and gives us what we call the «Blue hours». The absolutly most unique time to visit Svalbard is when you can experience The Blue Hour and the Northern Lights.

During winter time Svalbard offers a variety of excursions and activities

Everybody in Svalbard drives a snowmobile during the winter! There are organized tours with snowmobils to almost every destination. You can og on small trips or perhaps all the way to the Russian settlement of Barentsburg or the ghost town of Pyramiden! It is really the best way to explore and cover large areas in a short amount of time.

Or what about dog sledding through winter wonderland under the Aurora Borealis?  

Or taking a ride on a snowcat; an excellent way to explore the artics for those who don’t want or can’t go by foot or snowmobile. And of course; as any time of the year in Svalbard you will have the opportunity to perhaps be lucky enough to see the Polar bear (In a safe distance!).

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If you want the all time unique travel experience in the winter time – We can highly recomend a Polar adventure!

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