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The culinary capitol of Norway

Lets be honest… If you are from somewhere south of Scandinavia, would you look to Norway for a culinary experience? Not really?

Now, let us change your mind….

Our salmon is allready known all over the world as one of the best of it’s kind. And it truly is! We have travelled all over the world and tasted the costal kitchens in many contries, and by no means –we don’t want to offend anybody – but ours.. it’s another level!

Salmon aside, lets look to Troendelag!

This area just about in the middle of Norway consists of the city of Trondheim and many smaller cities and villages, and has been awarded European Region Of Gastronomy 2022!

Traditionally Troendelag has always been a region with nature-based industries and food production. You don’t have to travel far to have the best local experiences visiting local farms to taste and buy locally produced cheeses, meat, fruit- and berry products, local brewed beer and aquavit, traditional bakerys, ice cream and so much more!

And with Trondheim as Norways food capitol we also have some of the best restaurants in the country located here. We have 3 restaurants with a star in the Michelin guide, -Speilsalen, Credo and Fagn.

Follow the northen lights, our captivating nature, dramatic sceneries, mountains, fjords and the local taste from our costal kitchen, the highlands, the local producers and our world famous restaurants. And remeber – We know all the hidden gems!

If you want to experience food and culture at its best – Let us plan your culinary travel!


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